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education, Ranson says he really likes the natural look of
copper sinks. However, he doesn’t stop there.
“I’m also interested in learning more about the
options I’ve seen in wood vessels and wood-integrated
sinks and countertops,” he says. “And, I like the aesthet-
ic and function of concrete counters with integrated sink
“I’m especially interested in trough sinks,” says Mark
Morris. “I especially like when two faucets go into the
same trough. And, there are some unique-shaped bar
sinks on the market. They’re not really practical, but
when you have a party people put their bottles directly
into the sink.”
While Ward’s Anderson says she, too, is seeing a lot
of fun and unique shapes in sinks, she’s also seeing more
of a return to more-traditional designs.
“We’ve had a lot of clients interested recently in sin-
gle-bowl sinks,” she says. “They’re going back to a look
they may have seen in their grandparents’ house.”
Whether it’s a new look or something from the past,
Lori Carroll says on many projects, sinks can be an
ultimate accessory.
“When you go to the National Kitchen & Bath
Association show you always see something new and
exciting from the sink manufacturers,” Carroll says.
“Every season there’s something new and progressive.
It’s just like shoes.”
Porcelain is still the hands-down favorite in today’s bathrooms. Unlike some
other materials, it lets the countertops and cabinets be the stars of the
room. (Photo courtesy of H O M E + atelier Michael Ranson).
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