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Lori Carroll, an award-winning interior designer and
owner of Lori Carroll & Associates, LLC in Tucson, Arizona
has seen the increase toward remodeling.
“Remodels have made a huge resurgence. I find clients
are comfortable with the location of their home; how-
ever they want to update the kitchen and bathrooms.
The product availability is so diverse from appliance
sizes, colors and features to the plumbing fixtures…it
allows builders, designers and homeowners the ability
to be creative while maintaining functionality.”
The home featured here was a remodel completed by
Lori Carroll’s firm. The homeowners purchased the
home because they loved the location, views, func-
tionality and the backyard. Knowing the house was in
need of a true update, they hired Lori’s team to create a
comfortable interior for the family’s active lifestyle.
Brilliant colors and contemporary elements were used
to transform both the kitchen and baths. What was
truly important to these homeowners was to have a
kitchen that would allowmany activities to occur; cook-
ing, entertaining, family gatherings and an area for the
children to do homework. By including two microwaves,
a double oven, warming drawer, beverage center and
coffee maker, this busy family now has the convenience
and functionality they need.
The bathrooms were also completely remodeled. When
it came to the master bath, the homeowners were open
to creativity. Their main concern was storage, so large
storage cabinets now surround the bathroom. And since
the bathroom has such a tremendous view, a glass
block window was replaced with a large fixed window,
letting in those majestic views of the Arizona desert.
The powder room is truly spectacular, featuring an
Have you been thinking about remodeling
a room or two in your house or perhaps it’s finally time to
take the plunge into a complete home remodel?
With all the reports and buzz about the housing market,
we continue to hear that many people are deciding to stay
put in their current home. Expanding for multigenerational
living or perhaps just the need to “refresh” the look of a
home has people pouring through design magazines and
researching the latest in home improvement trends.
According to The National Association of Home Builders,
the most recent Remodeling Market Index (RMI) indi-
cates that the residential remodeling market showed
improvement during the first quarter of 2009. The market
conditions measure rose to 34.5 from 25.5 for the fourth
quarter of 2008.
photography by Jon Mancuso Photography
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T U C S O N , A R I Z O N A
by Dina Harvey,
Westar Kitchen & Bath
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