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explosion of soft, beautiful colors. Continuing with the
home’s contemporary theme, colorful glass tiles were
used to line the walls and a trendy vessel sink with state of
the art fixtures were added to complete the look.
When getting ready for a remodeling project, knowing
what is important to you and what your expectations are
is key. Lori begins by asking clients questions, such as:
For the kitchen
· Appliance selection – gas or electric
· Flooring preference
· 1 or 2 dishwashers
· Lighting requirements
· Additional space required
· Finish preference: copper/bronze/nickel/chrome
· Appliance garage for countertop appliances
For the bath
· Shower/steam shower/tub
· Storage requirements
· Single large sink or two smaller sinks
· Allergies
· Lighting requirements
· Space to expand
· Bidet/toilet
For both kitchen & bath
Budget /time frame
· Projected amount of time client expects to live in the home
· Style of design: contemporary/traditional/transitional
· Green design/sustainability
· Colors that appeal to the client
Overcoming challenges with any construction project is
necessary and this project was no exception.
“This remodel occurred during a very busy time and it
was sometimes challenging to keep subcontractors on
the job site. Product availability can also become an issue.
If availability is going to throw off the schedule, a reselec-
tion may need to occur; however when a large remodel is
master bath
powder room
in progress it may not be as much of an issue due to the
short time frame.”
The transformation of this kitchen and the bathrooms
is stunning and the homeowners were completely
satisfied and pleased with how everything turned out.
They told Lori, “We love our home. We have so much to
be thankful for that we find it difficult to go on vacation
because we have everything one would need at home.”
Making your home your palace, your sanctuary, your
comfort zone, your dream is within reach. Knowing what
elements are important to you, choosing a style that
suits you and remembering that functionality is key will
help make your next home improvement project that
much easier.
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