Great Designs
Bathrooms, Large
EmileeWeine, Allied ASID
MLEDirection &Design, Inc.
Photography byRobinStancliff
Updating the layout to create a
spa-like retreat that blends with the
contemporary design of the home
was foremost on the client’s wish
list. First, water damage had to be
repaired and flooring reinforced to
support the weight of the fixtures.
The layout was updated to include
a steam shower, freestanding tub
and double vanity with solid-sur-
face top and raised sinks. A steam
shower enclosure completes the
First Place
Bathrooms, Small
Lori Carroll, ASID
Lori Carroll &Associates
Photography byWilliamLesch
This Tuscan-inspired powder room
became a paradoxical blend of rug-
gedness and refinement. The focal
point, an intricate bronze sink, is
surrounded by chiseled stone, large
golden copper rope tile, glass and
stone mosaics andmetal wainscot-
ing. Soft lighting became especially
important, so in addition to Gothic
style hanging pendants, LED tape
lights were installed above the float-
ing ceiling for drama. A specialty fin-
ish on the walls accents hand-forged
fixtures and simple accessories.
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Tucson Lifestyle
/ APRIL 2013
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