Great Designs
First Place
Sharmin Pool Bak, ASID
Complete Dimensions Interior Design
Photography by Ray Allbright
This accessible redesign was undertaken with a nod to
the historic neighborhood of the home. Concrete ramps
and pitched sidewalks (front and rear) with hand railing
and low-transition thresholds grace every exterior door.
Matching floor elevations and hard surface, slip-resistant
flooring throughout allow easy movement. Wider door-
ways, lever-handle doors, lowered counters and acces-
sible bath fixtures with grab bars complete the safety
features. An oversized shower stall accommodates the
potential caregiver.
First Place
Outdoor Living
Lori Carroll, ASID
Lori Carroll &Associates
Photography byWilliamLesch
With a party already in the works, the clients
decided to forego their tired patio furniture.
Finding the perfect furniture for each spe-
cific area took patience and some flexibility.
The furnishings had to be pet and kid friend-
ly. What resulted is an enjoyable, comfort-
able and functional outdoor living space that
the homeowners take pride in.
Outdoor Living
Kathryn Prideaux, APLD, Allied ASID
Prideaux Design
Photography by Kathryn Prideaux
The homeowner wanted a space to welcome guests and
create a wonderful private space to sit. New patio spaces,
reconditioned and new furniture were added, as well as
accessories and a newwater feature that can be enjoyed
from the kitchen window as well as the patio. Existing
brick was pulled up and new flooring redefined spaces.
The result: beauty and peace in a small niche between the
kitchen window and garage door.
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Tucson Lifestyle
/ APRIL 2013
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