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/ APRIL 2013
JaniceDonald, InterimPresident of NARI
Photo by Martha Lochert
According to studies performed by the
EPA, “Indoor pollutants may be two to five
times —and occasionally more than 100
— times higher than outdoor air pollutant
When we renovate our homes for
energy efficiency by replacing windows
and improving insulation, the indoor air
can become stale, and we need a means to
bring in fresh “make-up” air. A large range
hood actually can depressurize a home,
causing furnaces and water heaters to
back draft nasty gases, polluting the air.
It’s not only appliances that off-gas pol-
lutants into homes — so do vinyl shower
curtains, foam pads in furniture, carpet
pads, paints and cabinet glues. Flame
retardants don’t give off an odor, so the
need to ventilate them out of your home
easily can be overlooked.
When shopping for carpet look for
Green Label Plus. If you’re buying wood
flooring, look for the NAUF (No Added
Urea Formaldehyde) certification. Also
look for high-performing low-VOC paints.
Older homes most likely have not been
equipped with a CO detector. Carbon
monoxide can be leaking into you home
not just through an attached garage but
also because of indoor furnaces or water
heaters. These detectors easily can be
installed and are available at home cen-
Addressing these pollution causes one
at a time paves the way to a healthier
Janice Donald, president and CEOof
ErenDesign&Remodeling Co., Inc. is
interimpresident of the SouthernArizona
chapter of the National Association of the
Remodeling Industry (NARI), which began
in January 2009.
NARI is a national trade association
committed to the professional remodeling
industry. With 60 chapters in the United
States andmore than 7,000member
firms, NARI ensures that their contractors
are licensed and insured. A company dis-
playing the NARI logo has gone through a
membership review committee and is com-
mitted to professionalismand education.
To find out more, visit NARI.org. If you
have questions for Janice Donald, email
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