ASID Design Excellence Awards,
Arizona South Chapter
The Arizona South Chapter of the American Society of Interior
Designers (ASID) recently held its annual competition among its members
to encourage and reward design excellence. ASID is the largest group of
professional interior designers in the Tucson area.
Each entry (from a project completed within the past two years)
included a written design statement, a floor plan, material samples and
professional photographs. Five independent designers from across the
country juried this year’s competition.
Tucson Lifestyle Home & Garden
proud to present the winning entries.
Tucson Lifestyle
Home & Garden
First Place
Residential SpaceOver 2,000
Square Feet
Lori Carroll, ASID
Lori Carroll &Associates
Photography byWilliamLesch
The hues used in this design reflect
the beauty of the surrounding land-
scape and act as a showcase for the
client’s art collections. Architecture
had a significant influence on the
design concepts. Atypical room
dimensions, abundant windows and
a high arched ceiling were challenges
for the designer. Concentrating on the
mix of contemporary and indigenous
pieces, furniture also becomes art,
and richly detailed spaces emerge.
Warm neutrals, textural layers and
subtle detailing set the tone for this
sophisticated home.
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Tucson Lifestyle
/ APRIL 2013
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