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SingleResidential LivingSpace
JanO’Brien, CKD, Allied ASID
Arizona Designs Kitchens and
Baths, LLC
Photography by Jeffrey Volker
A long, narrow addition to a Southwest
ranch-style home had to address the
following: laundry, ironing board and
storage of bulk purchases, as well as the
wife’s home office and a wrapping paper
station. The narrowness of the room
demanded special attention to clearance
in front of the washer and dryer. Whimsy
was another client request and was pro-
vided through a colorful tile backsplash.
The design adds light and plenty of stor-
age and area for specialty tasks.
SingleResidential LivingSpace
Lori Carroll, ASID
Lori Carroll &Associates
Photography by JonMancuso
The challenge in this former office-
turned-bedroomwas incorporating
the creative and rambunctious pre-
schooler’s requests while accom-
modating his parents’ needs and
their budget. The materials had to be
durable and functional to withstand
his activities, and versatile enough
to allow for minimal redecorating as
he grows. He requested a soccer
theme and bold, primary colors—a
life-size mural brings the ultimate
personalized touch. The designer
ensured that the roomwas fun but
not over-the-top.
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Tucson Lifestyle
/ APRIL 2013
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