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day at a spa brings peace,
relaxation and rejuvena-
tion. Homeowners now
strive to have bathrooms
that generate those feelings in the
comfort of their own homes. Spa-style
bathrooms with plenty of amenities
that mimic what people see on televi-
sion or experience when they travel
are in high demand, though the specif-
ics vary depending on the lifestyle and
taste of the individual user.
To begin, the space needs to pro-
mote a calm simplicity, even when
flled with the details that conjure the
exact atmosphere each homeowner
wants. “A spa-style bathroom evokes
the feeling of relaxation and serenity,”
says Janice Teague, CKD, CBD, CGB,
senior designer for Drury Design in
Glen Ellyn, IL.
Unlike a powder room, which may
be designed for the “wow” factor, the
spa bathroom is an opportunity for
homeowners to create a private ref-
uge for themselves, a place to relax
and forget the outside world. “Most of
our clients come to us at a stage in
their lives when they’re ready to build
their “dream home,” and they’ve saved
up all of their favorite clippings and
bookmarked their favorite spaces,”
says Ivonne Ronderos, a representa-
tive from the DKOR Interiors team
in Aventura, FL. “What better way to
spend each morning or evening than
in a beautiful, soothing bath that they
can consider their own individual spa,”
she adds.
There’s a defnite correlation be-
tween the hospitality industry and the
looks people want to create in their
own homes, according to Josh Blum-
er of AB design studio, inc. in Santa
Barbara, CA. As the hospitality indus-
try took cues from what people of
wealth were doing in their homes and
began ofering that experience to their
guests, more consumers were exposed
to the idea of a master suite. When
they return from traveling, they seek
to create the same sense of sanctuary
in their own homes, Blumer says. “The
bathroom has emerged as a place to
create harmony and workability for a
couple or an individual,” he explains.
The desire for a luxurious, serene en-
vironment isn’t limited to just those
| Kitchen & Bath Design News December 2014
By Elizabeth Richards
Calming colors, natural materials, personalized
luxuries and a well-thought-out layout all
contribute to creating the perfect spa-style bath.
Everything from the nature-inspired materials to the flow of the water
contributes to this zen-like escape, created by AB design studio.
AB design studio used contrasting colors and rich texture to add
warmth to this spa-like bath.
Spa Bath Trends
Instead of bringing the
outdoors in, create an
outdoor spa, as seen in this
design by AB design studio.
A luxury shower
with bench
seating, a hand-
held showerhead,
multiple jets and a
rain shower create
a wonderfully
luxurious water
experience, as seen
in this bath by AB
design studio.
Ciro Cohelo
Ciro Cohelo
Ciro Cohelo
Photo: Ciro Cohelo
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