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Spa Bath Trends
| Kitchen & Bath Design News December 2014
more in line with cultures that value a
separation of activities, where bathing
is a ritual or practice that has its own
space. “I don’t believe putting a toilet
next to a bathing area is the most ideal
scenario,” says Blumer.
A place to sit is another important
component, whether for application
of makeup, toweling of or just relax-
ing in the space. When a space doesn’t
refect these self-care tasks, the bath
can become cluttered and impractical.
“What I’m looking at when I’m design-
ing these master baths is how to have
the activities really be supported, so
they’re not all being jumbled into one
countertop space,” says Blumer.
As the economy rebounds and the
remodeling market moves forward,
homeowners are beginning to indulge
themselves more, particularly in bath
“Spa-style bathrooms continue to
evolve as the trend toward splurging
in that space becomes increasingly
popular,” says Carroll. “An endless va-
riety of new and innovative materials
and products continues to food the
market, making it easy for a designer
to create the ultimate retreat.”
The elements people choose to
put in that personal sanctuary are
as varied as the individuals who use
them. Some like bathtubs, while others
prefer custom showers. Some want all
of the bells and whistles, but at the
other end of the spectrum a preference
for a simple, uncluttered environment
Having a space that refects per-
sonal needs is important, and the
details are what can make the space
work. “The little things are what mat-
ter most in design,” says Ronderos.
A freestanding tub shows up quite
often in the spa bath design, providing
the ultimate pampering experience,
particularly when aromatherapy or
chromatherapy are incorporated.
These fixtures provide a beautiful
focal point in the room, says Teague.
Large showers with plenty of ex-
tras such as built-in bench seats, body
sprays, rain heads or hand-held show-
ers have been popular for some time
now. This trend isn’t waning, and in
fact may be increasing in popularity
since people don’t always have time to
soak in a tub, but still want a luxurious
It’s important to remember, re-
marks Blumer, that although the
rain heads are popular, they aren’t
always practical for cleansing since
they can’t be angled. However, if
there are other options available, a
rain head can provide a nice extra to
the spa experience.
Carroll adds, “Water tiles, rain
showers, hand-showers and rotating
spray-heads provide refreshing ben-
efts. To expand on the relaxation of
the shower experience, steam showers
are proven to promote wellness, the
essential element in a spa experience.
Add therapeutic light and aromather-
apy and clients can relax, imagining
they’re at an exclusive resort.”
Warmth is a major theme in the
spa bath, from color selection to ele-
ments that add physical warmth, such
as steam generators, heated towel
racks, radiant heat in the foor and
wall-mounted electric freplaces.
And then there are all of the ex-
tras that can create a refuge for the
consumer. These amenities may not
be chosen by all, but having the vari-
ety available allows the homeowner
and designer to create exactly the
experience longed for. Some extras
that designers are hearing requests
for include washlets, no-touch fush
options, hands-free sinks, commode
seats with a built-in nightlight, dim-
mer switches for softer lighting and
anti-fog mirrors.
A classic black and white color
scheme sets the stage for this
elegant and glamorous bath,
designed by Drury Design.
Drury Design utilized contrast,
an influx of natural light and a
freestanding tub to create a spa-
like feeling in this bath.
Photo: Drury Design
Photo: Drury Design
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