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Spa Bath Trends
Though advances in technology per-
meate every facet of everyday life, in
a spa-inspired design, the demand is
limited. Though there’s some interest
in adding specifc tools, most design-
ers maintain that a clean, uncluttered
feel takes precedence over having the
latest and greatest high-tech toys.
“Less is more,” says Ronderos. “We
seldom get the client who is looking
for lots of gadgets for their bathroom
space – and when they do want a
sound system or specialty lighting.”
Teague says that technology
works for specialized shower con-
trols or a TV built into the mirror.
“It’s preferable to hide outlets inside
of cabinetry if possible and switches
can be reduced to a single master
control panel to keep walls simple
and clean,” she reports.
Carroll disagrees, having seen
technology moving to the bathroom.
And she sees no reason to hide it un-
less it’s recessed into the wall, such as
a cold storage cabinet designed spe-
cifcally for the bathroom. She adds
that the ultra-thin vanishing mirror
television is an exceptional upgrade
for a spa-style bathroom, which can
be equipped with a multi-directional
sound system.
To create a calming environment, soft,
muted colors work best, and natural
materials like wood and stone are in
high demand. “Soothing colors are the
key to a spa-style bathroom,” says Car-
roll. These colors range from shades
of grey to standard beige, cream and
taupe tones. “Any tone that evokes se-
renity and peacefulness is appropriate
for a bathroom. You can always add
small measures of color with acces-
sories,” she says.
Ronderos notes that warm woods,
including grey tones, and materials
such as wood planks and stones that
bring a feeling of nature to the space
are popular. Rather than accent colors,
people are asking for easy-to-digest
soothing colors, she says.
Some consumers prefer contrast,
adds Teague. In that case, they may
select a rich chocolate brown for cabi-
netry with Calacatta or Carrara marble
for foors, countertops, and shower
walls. People who favor a monotone
color scheme gravitate toward whites
and soft grey tones, she adds.
Natural light creates a softness
that can be used in the creation of
spa-like spaces. Blumer says the mas-
ter suite should have a lot of indirect
lighting to create a very calm space.
This indirect light, whether from win-
dows or recessed lighting, conveys a
sense of the time of day without the
harshness of light direct from its
Natural or organic products also
play an important part in the spa-
style bathroom design, bringing the
soothing elements of nature inside.
Carroll comments, “Using stone, slate,
wood or any other natural mate-
rial creates an ultimately serene and
timeless look.” She cites “fsh-scale”
tiles – interlocking tiles that include
pockets to plant greenery – as a way
to create a stunning aesthetic that
relieves stress and can be benefcial
to health.
Natural stone is still a preference
for many homeowners. Teague cau-
tions that maintenance issues must
be considered when choosing natural
stone. “While everyone desires a relax-
ing getaway, they don’t want to spend
a lot of time with maintenance,” she
says. Sometimes, porcelain foors and
shower walls take the place of natural
stone, as it’s easier to clean, doesn’t
need to be sealed and has minimal
grout joints, she adds.
Natural materials and soothing colors imbue this bath, designed by
Atmoscaper Design, with a spa-like vibe.
A separate toilet compartment helps to offer privacy, while clear glass
keeps the feeling airy and open in this bath by Atmoscaper Design.
Contrasting colors and lots of natural
light help to create a spa-like feel, as
seen in this bath designed by DKOR
This contemporary bath by DKOR
Interiors offers an open layout with a
wonderful spa-like aesthetic.
Photo: Robin Amorello, CKD CAPS
Photo: Robin Amorello, CKD CAPS
Photo: Alexia Fodere
Alexia Fodere
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