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ASID Design Excellence Awards, Arizona South Chapter
First Place
Singular Residential Space
Lori Carroll, ASID, IIDA, NKBA
Lori Carroll &Associates
Photography byWilliamLesch
The designer emphasized the signifi-
cant architectural features in the dining
area. Elevated above the main floor,
“suede” travertine slab andmarble
mosaics create an engaging stairway
that draws the eye upward. A custom-
ized iron chandelier highlights the
space while also drawing attention
to the ceiling architecture. A wood
plank table, sculptural hall chairs and
long flowing draperies complement
the color scheme and fit the space to
Singular Residential Space
Terri Taylor, ASID, IIDA, IDS,
IFDA and Edith Villalobos-
Zamora, Allied ASID
Taylor DesignGroup
Photography by Robin Stancliff
A 1980s home with great bones and
amazing views, had a floor plan that
chopped up the available space.
The designer created an open con-
cept throughout the home. Only the
cast bronze front doors, stone fire-
place and washed oak ceilings were
kept. New floors of pale washed
oak and travertine set the tone for
furnishings in a soft, pale aqua and
ivory color scheme.
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