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Winter 2015
When Lori Carroll launched her design firm Lori
Carroll & Associates in 2000, she could not have predicted
how successful it would become.With hundreds of notable
projects throughout Arizona, Carroll has left a definite im-
pression on the region and says that’s due in no small part to
the careful approach and collaborative spirit her team sets in
motion on every project.
As a graduate of the University of Arizona’s interior de-
sign program, Carroll spent a short time working for a local
furniture store before breaking out and establishing her own
company. Working alongside two partners for more than
twelve years, Carroll’s business was flourishing when she de-
cided to set out on her own once again.Today, Lori Carroll
& Associates specializes in high-end interior design for resi-
dential and commercial clients throughout theTucson area.
Over the years, Carroll and her firm have developed a
reputation for delivering what she calls “the ultimate design
experience.” Lori says this is possible because of the focus
she and her staff of design professionals have when providing
clients with the complete realization of their ideas. “I would
say, as I look back at my projects over the years, it’s import-
ant to listen to what the client’s needs, wants and desires are,
and help them fulfill their dreams.”
For example, a gorgeous custom home site in one of Tuc-
son’s most desirable neighborhoods; add an incredible floor
plan and enterprising clients and this is the dream scenario
for any interior design professional. Surrounded by nature
and finding a way to integrate it in to a design plan is what
inspires Lori Carroll; a fresh new perspective for each proj-
ect, from the outside looking in.
To illustrate, an open-concept kitchen surrounded by
Lori Carroll & Associates delivers the
‘ultimate design experience’ for clients
throughout Arizona.
Headquarters: Tucson, Ariz. / Specialty: Interior design
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