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Winter 2015
incredible views, a master bathroom as the ultimate place to re-
lax and unwind and a powder room being the perfect spot for a
little design drama are the benchmarks that drive Lori Carroll’s
success. Architecturally, one of Lori’s favorite properties has it all;
spacious floor-plan, limitless natural light, a stunning multi-level
ceiling and an overall style that fit the personality of the client.The
versatility of materials like Brazilian multi-color slate flooring or
Avalon polished quartzite countertops from Cactus Stone & Tile
were the ideal foundation for unifying these spaces.The steel blue
background along with tinges of rust in the slate reflect the divine
landscape just steps away. For a client who loves to cook, a com-
plete Viking kitchen from ArizonaWholesale Supply provided the
ultimate in “performance and design.” A home of this size needs
cohesiveness, so selecting products and finishes was contingent on
the fact most rooms are visible both inside and out. “Dendrites”
or branching patterns in the quartzite covering walls and floors
throughout the master retreat resemble graceful twigs and leaves,
creating a soothing, au natural effect. Distinctive plumbing fix-
tures from Ferguson Enterprises embody the spa-like appeal.You
/Cactus Stone/
Cactus Stone has differentiated itself from all other natural
stone importers in the U.S. by employing a product selection process
that uses very specific criteria. The result speaks volumes. Only the
best slabs are admitted into The Cactus Stone Gallery. Truly the “best in
class,” according to the vast majority of those who visit.
Lori Carroll & Associates, the internationally renowned design firm, as
well as their clients, have experienced the excitement of discovery when
walking the aisles of The Gallery.
Congratulations to Lori and her staff for their pursuit of excellence in design!
For more information, call 602-914-2202, email stone@cactustone.
com or visit
Lori Carroll says her firm is dedicated to providing clients
with designs that meet and exceed their visions for their spaces.
Lori Carroll & Associates
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