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Winter 2015
Many times, Carroll says, she strives to develop a focal point con-
trary to the predictable. Lori points out, in many cases features like
flooring or cabinetry become the focus simply because they take
up so much space. Although some interior designer’s might take
this as a given, Lori works to bring distinctive pieces to the fore-
front, taking the emphasis away from the expected and introducing
something unique to catch the eye.
With this in mind, dust off the good dishes; the formal dining
room in a newly built custom home is set for fine dining. There
is something nostalgic and romantic about enjoying a meal in a
place dedicated to dining. This space was designed to be sophis-
ticated enough for elegant dinner parties, yet casual for weekend
breakfast. A commanding iron chandelier became the focal point,
suspended over a beautiful wood plank table. Surrounded by sculp-
tural hall chairs and graceful draperies fabricated and installed by
Arizona’s premier window covering expert,Today’s Interiors, each
element complements the other.
Carroll says the internal culture at Lori Carroll & Associates
is based on providing the highest level of customer care, and
that is made possible by building a strong team of profession-
als. Teamwork goes beyond simply collaborating and extends
to supporting and encouraging each other whenever possible.
Carroll explains her associates often share “spirit tags” in the
form of notes that recognize a co-workers’ efforts whether
inside the office or when interacting with vendors or clients.
These messages encourage everyone to reach even further on
the next project.
The nurturing and supportive outlook within Lori Carroll &
Associates not only results in a fun work environment but ulti-
mately benefits the client as well. “I love working with a team,”
Lori says. “The results are a highly successful experience for our
clients which makes for the ultimate end-product.”
/Arizona Wholesale Supply Company/
Sub-Zero and Wolf are the industry leaders
in premium refrigeration, wine storage and cooking equipment. Arizona Wholesale
Supply Company has been providing exceptional products and services to the
Tucson and Phoenix area for the last 70 years. Together, these two companies de-
liver the perfection that Lori Carroll & Associates demand from their partners. The
Living Kitchen at Arizona Wholesale Supply in Tucson showcases each Sub-Zero
Wolf product in full-scale kitchen settings with all the resources Lori Carroll &
Associates need to create the kitchen of their customer’s dreams. Lori Carroll &
Associates set the highest standards which is why they use Sub-Zero and Wolf
Lori Carroll & Associates
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