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Winter 2015
Carroll explains, keeping the budget manageable for each partic-
ular client is something she is always aware of on a project. Her
insight and creativity attracts clientele, however, Lori says “A lot
of times, I find myself working with and incorporating a lot of ex-
clusive materials and products and uniqueness comes with a price.”
This is especially true with larger, custom built homes that have
more square footage to work with. By approaching a project with
an open mind and willingness to explore one-of-a-kind design
solutions, clients are assured the outcome will be distinctly “them.”
One particular project that started out as a quick color consul-
tation, developed in to an extensive interior design assignment.
After a devastating fire destroyed the family home, a determined
couple vowed to build again; bigger and better. What transpired
was more than they ever imagined. After raising three children;
now as “empty nesters,” they could actually envision a home that
would be less about practicality and more about style. Initially the
client’s had tried to do the design work on their own but then
put their trust in Lori. Consequently, joining the project later in
the process was a challenge. Making creative changes ensured co-
hesiveness, however, required the client re-evaluate their budget.
The firm typically starts out by identifying a focal point
in the design and then working out from the center.
/Closet Trends/
Since 1992 Closet Trends has provided professional design and
installation of custom closets and cabinetry, from traditional to contemporary,
uniquely tailored to the clients’ needs and space, for any room--from closets to
offices, wall units to wall beds, garages to pantries. For two decades it has been
our honor and pleasure to work with Lori Carroll & Associates award-winning de-
sign team, who inspire the most extraordinary and discriminating design creativity
in the Southwest.
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