Hi Lori,
Thank you so much for making my home so lovely. I am still in awe of what you and Elle did with the décor. I now love my “least favorite” pictures! And the furniture rearrangement is amazing. Also very grateful you fit in the master bath. I’m just so pleased with everything and really can’t thank you enough.

Lori. BTW, this many years later I STILL love everything we did. That’s saying a lot for how long ago we remodeled. I know material choices have changed but our home still looks great.

I just want to say the design of this bathroom is beautiful. Every small detail really brought everything together. From the nickel finishes, to the very selective color pattern you guys chose. The tile and textures was a huge plus. Especially on the vanity wall. I truly believe it came out amazing . I appreciate the opportunity and patience you all had with me thank you.

The bathroom is the ultimate of beauty to me. It is a combination of simplicity and elegance. The blending of materials and textures are harmonious and luxurious. It is truly a work of art. I know how hard you worked and focused as well….thank-you. I feel very fortunate to know you all.

I love working with Lori and her staff because their thorough process of making a space inviting, comfortable and gorgeous is both professional and fun. They have worked on several very different projects for me, and each one had a very unique style. I wanted a “Hollywood glamour” look for one project, and they nailed it. Another space called for a more contemporary look which was equally as beautiful. They make sure that I am in love with the end product and have always met my budget and schedule. If you want your friends to “ooh and aah” over your home or office, hire Lori Carroll and Associates!

Hi Lori and Kevin,
We are continuing to enjoy this time together and I must say that there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t look around, marvel at this house, remark how beautiful it is and feel how blessed we are to be in our home. We appreciate all you did to make this dream come true. Our kindest regards.

Congratulations on Best Kitchen! What a gorgeous kitchen! Our next home, YOU are our designer! Stunning! Stunning!
And congrats to 1st & 3rd in Powder Room! You are amazing at designing! Well-deserved recognition!

Congratulations on your NKBA Design Award; the design looks stunning in the photos.

Thank you for the brilliant work you did to renovate our home in Tucson. Believe me, it is very painful to leave this house, but my grandson beckons…

It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this that our most recent experience with Lori Carroll & Associates was exemplary—as always.  We’ve dealt with Lori for twenty years and we have never been disappointed in her taste, her management skills and her work ethic.  And she is simply charming to work with!
Lori chooses her vendors very carefully and their respect for her is obvious.  Each company that took part in our renovation performed professionally and with great care.  There were no homeowner horror stories for us! Our experience very much speaks to the person at the top.